Regional Plan of Agriculture
    The implementation of Morocco Green Plan in Regional Agricultural Scheme (PAR) of Guelmim – Es-smara took into consideration :
  • The current achievements in the field of agricultural production, added value and employment generated by agricultural activity in the region ;
  • The marketability of produce on the local and national market ;
  • Milieu conditions including water resources which are dwindling continuously.
    Thus, the vegetable production sectors selected in the Regional Agricultural Scheme are :
  • The cereal chain ;
  • The cactus chain ;
  • The vegetable chain ;
  • Tree cultivation (palm, olive, ...).
  • For animal production, chains which are selected:
  • les • camel red meat ;
  • Lamb, bovine and beef red meat ;
  • Poultry and apiculture ;
  • Milk.

    The global objectives the Regional Agricultural Scheme focus on increasing production levels of the various chains listed above, improving the quality and marketing conditions of production, improving valuation levels, the creation of employment and improving incomes of the rural population.

    To achieve these objectives upon completion of the Regional Agricultural Scheme, 15 potential projects are identified and assessed including 6 potential projects "type Pillar I" and 9 potential projects "type Pillar II".
    - Flagship projects Pillar I (PI): Poultry, Red Meat (flagship-projects-PI)
    - Flagship Projects Pillar II (PII): Cactus, palm, cereals, red meat, Apiculture (flagship- projects-PII)
    - The inter-related actions.

    For more information::
    Regional Agriculture Scheme

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