Road network :

    The length of the network is 4725 Km including more than 1840 paved.

Airport Network :

    The region has three (3) airports: Guelmim, Tan-Tan, and Es-Smara. Developments are planned for the airports of Guelmim and Tan-Tan within the framework of a 4 year program (2008-2012).
    The overall cost of this investment is 360 million dirhams (180 million dirhams each). These developments will enable these airports to receive all categories of aircraft.
Tan Tan Airport

Port Network :

    The port of Tan-Tan is considered one of the main fishing poles of at the national level.
Tan Tan Port

Telecommunications :

    The Region is equipped with different telecommunication services including :
  • Fixed phone.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Internet network.

Industrial Zones :

    The region has 4 industrial zones. They are:
  • Port zone with an area of 78 Ha (port of Tan-Tan)
  • The extra-area of the port with an area of 44 Ha (urban commune of Alouatia)
  • Zone of de Tan-Tan centre with an area of 32 Ha.
  • • Industrial zone of Es-Smara.
  • Another zone is expected in Guelmim.
Industrial area of ​​Tan Tan
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