Promising Sectors

Maritime fisheries:

    Fishing and activities attached to it are of substantial economic importance for the region of Guelmim Es-Smara and for the country. Fisheries are considered a key development sector.
    The region offers significant fisheries' potential that makes maritime fishing, one of the key sectors. The extent of the coastal zone and the facilities and advantages offered by the port of Tan-Tan, have attracted many investors interested in the sector.

Fisheries in the region Guelmim Es Smara

    The port of Tan-Tan plays an important role at the national level. With its important fisheries resources, the region of Es-Smara Guelmim offers investment opportunities for the valuation of sea products, namely :

  • Freezing the seafood ;
  • Manufacture of by-products (fishmeal and fish oil ...) ;
  • Manufacture of ice ;
  • Manufacture of ready-made dishes ... etc.
Fisheries in the region Guelmim Es Smara
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